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Increasing numbers of people are turning to a self storage facility to provide the extra space they need If that’s the case and you have nowhere to store your belongings, a self storage unit is the ideal answer. Also, if you are downsizing, but don’t want to throw away or sell those bits and pieces quite yet, searching for climate controlled storage units near me will help while you make your mind up about what stays and what goes. Compared to other options such as renovating an existing building or renting additional rooms, self-storage units provide an economical alternative for people and businesses wishing to keep their assets and belongings in a secure location that’s protected from the environment. Self-storage provides a way station for holding your items until such time as you’re ready and able to move them into their new home. Both large business organizations and smaller entrepreneurs often have the need to store samples, inventory, business archives, and important documents relating to their work. But with office and warehousing spaces taking a serious bite out of their annual budgets, renting larger premises may not be the best or most economical option. Self-storage units can provide climate and environment controlled “mini-warehouse” facilities at a significantly lower cost than a full-blown property rental. For anyone who’s running out of space for their belongings in their home or office setting, a self-storage unit provides a secure and economical option for accommodating the surplus. Likewise, self-storage is a sensible option for anyone who’s looking to decongest their existing living or workspace by shifting items that they don’t need to see every day but nonetheless wouldn’t want to lose entirely.

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Notice of Intent to Vacate Form

You are hereby advised that the I, the undersigned, will vacate the storage unit listed below by the below date.​ I understand that in accordance with my Rental Agreement, this notification must be submitted and received by Storage Barn of Morris, LLC management within ten (10) days of my anticipated departure date, that Storage Barn of Morris, LLC has the right to prorate the rent of the unit up to the fifth (5th) of the month, and that any move outs after the fifth (5th) of the following month will be charged for a full month.

I agree that I will leave the unit swept, empty, and in good condition. If I fail to vacate by the above date I will give notice to the manager that I would like to retain my unit until a later date. I will schedule a walk through inspection with management upon vacating so the unit can be inspected using the guidelines set forth in the "Manager’s Inspection of Vacant Unit", detailed below.

Manager’s Inspection of Vacant Unit

*To be filled out by Manager upon Tenants Departure

I, the undesigned, give notice that the above listed unit is vacant and that said vacancy was discovered:

Funds to be Given to Tenant Upon Moving Out

  • Prorated amount to be returned (​if moving out before the 5th of the month​) ​$___________
  • Security Deposit ​$___________
  • TOTAL ​$___________